LAN - PANDA - Streetwear Hoodie Black&White


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The sweater adopts the simple design, black and white inline design form, with delicate PANDA embroidery pattern, collar embroidery technology and streamline "PANDA" letter, so that the PANDA is simple and without loss of design sense.   

This style: Oversized (Unisex)

Fabric: Pure cotton,Activated Carbon Cotton

Please do not wash by machine or high temperature. It is recommended to wash by hand. The first cleaning may have floating color, but no staining.

Imported PRC

Item PH-0001 Hoodie

Size Guide:

Shoulders 50 cm 53 cm 56 cm 59 cm
Chest 55 cm 58 cm 62 cm 64 cm
Sleeves 60 cm 60 cm 64 cm 66 cm
Length 66 cm 71 cm 74 cm 77 cm

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