LAN 2019 SPRING/SUMMER - Darth Vader Hoodie White


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This hoodie is mainly white, showing Darth Vader's logo and status: suffering; Asymmetrical embroidery on the pocket side represents the "dark force" of the sith warriors: the power of dark side; The overall hoodie design is loose and comfortable.

This style: Oversized (Unisex)

100% cotton

Please do not wash by machine or high temperature. It is recommended to wash by hand.
Wash the clothes in reverse and wash them separately in different colors.

Imported PRC

Item DVH-2019W Hoodie

Size Guide:

Shoulders 56 cm 58 cm 60 cm 62 cm
Chest 64 cm 66 cm 68 cm 70 cm
Sleeves 64 cm 65 cm 66 cm 67 cm
Length 66 cm 68 cm 70 cm 72 cm
Hem 52 cm 54 cm 56 cm 58 cm

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