LAN - PANDA - Streetwear Jacket Black


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Jacket with "PANDA MADE IN CHINA" as the mainline, combining very modern design pattern and Chinese style elements "pan button" with vertical text "NEVER SAY NO TO PANDA", and dotted with green lines, "inclusive" PANDA speaks of the perfect combination of Chinese style elements and modern design.

This style: Oversized (Unisex)

Fabric: 400T Stretch Twill

Please do not wash by machine or high temperature. It is recommended to wash by hand.
If machine washing is necessary under limited conditions, it is recommended to use gentle mode and put it in the laundry bag.

Imported PRC

Item PJ-0001 Jacket

Size Guide:

Shoulders 47 cm 49 cm 51 cm 53 cm
Chest 58 cm 60 cm 62 cm 64 cm
Sleeves 59 cm 60 cm 61 cm 62 cm
Length 69 cm 71 cm 73 cm 75 cm

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